Allen Buckley

I am a Software Developer, Consultant, Speaker, Blogger, and Screencaster. I currently work as a Consultant at Fusion Alliance. I have been a professional polyglot programmer for 11 years. Professionally I’ve worked with JavaScript, C#, Node, Angular and Python and strive to become a better Clojure developer. I focus on clean code, testing and automation. My interests range from mobile to game development. And of course, website development, attempting to keep up with all the latest and greatest frameworks and libraries. Follow @allensb7 on twitter for my latest thoughts on software development.

Here is my online resume if you want to check it out.

Of course I need to add the disclaimer that this website’s content and opinions are my own.

I’m always open to talking about potential Consultant work on the side. If you want to talk just shoot me an email (allensb at gmail dot com) or tweet me!