Code Coverage – Stages of Life for Teams

Code Coverage is a conversation you’ll have on most development teams today with a wide range of opinions. Some people hate code coverage, others see it as absolutely mandatory and teams love to argue over what coverage numbers to settle on. We seem to have a culture of setting the code coverage standard at the beginning of projects and sticking … Read More

ES6 Talk – Dev Workshop Conference 2015

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Dev Workshop Conference and have included my resources from the talk in this post. I was thrilled to be apart of this wonderful conference and hope to watch it grow for years to come! Here is a link to my ES6(2015) sandbox! Here are some of the best links and resources … Read More

ES6: The let keyword

I’m starting a series on ES6. I will be giving readers a look into some of the more popular and useful features. The first new feature we’ll dive into is the let keyword. Block Scope The let keyword is used to define a variable in a similar manner as the var keyword. A big difference though, is that the var … Read More

Unit Test AngularJS Controller API Callback With Jasmine

I started looking into Angular unit testing with Jasmine a few weeks back. There were a ton of great articles to help you get started with setting up a basic unit test that tested against a controller. What I had a hard time finding though, was one that showed how to test mock data for an API callback. So that … Read More

Lessons Learned from Working Remotely as a Software Developer

I have worked as a remote Software Developer for many years across many employers. At one job I worked 100% remote for over four years. Every job is unique in the way remote workers get integrated, but there are a few commonalities at each. The following is a list of some of the good and bad aspects of being a … Read More

Ionic View App Cache Issue

Ionic is a very cool platform that is perfect for simple mobile apps. I love the simplicity of getting started quickly and even the ease of deployment to Android and for the most part IOS. Ionic View is an app that helps developers test their code on IOS and has a lot of potential. I did run into some issues … Read More

MongoDB Document Create Date

I recently ran into an issue where I needed to find the date a document was created. I checked out the document in question and found an ObjectID and some fields. I didn’t think there was anyway to recover that information. But, thankfully there is and it’s incredibly easy. You can just run the node code below from bash or … Read More

Setting up a Flask Blueprint

I recently worked on a Python project that uses the Flask Framework which is excellent. I had the need to set up an Admin Back-end. This was going to be a very simple site so I decided to keep it in the main project and just put the Admin module in its own directory. I needed Flask to handle the … Read More

Future JavaScript Website Compatibility Issues

Earlier this year some of the more popular browsers removed a JavaScript function (showModalDialog) that broke a number of websites, including the widely used Outlook Web App. There wasn’t much warning. Some of the Chrome release notes pre version 37 listed the function as deprecated. But, when version 37 came out and removed the function the release notes didn’t even … Read More

More Humility Needed – Technical Interviews

Technical Interviews are not fun No one likes to go on tech interviews! Ok, most of us don’t. I’m sure there are a few of you geniuses that see it as a fun game to outsmart the interviewer. But, for most of us it feels like a series of questions and white boarding that have been designed to completely crush … Read More