Hot Towel Angular with Drawer

I’ve started to really dig into AngularJS and I’m starting to incorporate the framework into side projects. I found a pretty cool AngularJS template that I can use for starting projects. It’s the Hot Towel Angular SPA Template from John Papa (HotTowel-Angular). I ported his project and created HotTowel-Angular-Drawer on GitHub. Most of the projects I start these days at … Read More

C# Algorithms

I’ve been trying to freshen up on algorithms so I created a new project with some common C# algorithms and hopefully soon, data structures. Check it out and feel free to update the project with some more algorithms or different implementations of current ones. I would love for this to be a great resource for anyone that needs to review … Read More

Diversify The Talent On Your Software Development Team

I started my career as the typical C# developer, completely focused on the MS Stack. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you are first starting out it really pays off to focus on one area and get to a certain level of mastery. It will help you compare and contrast when you start focusing on other areas of Software … Read More

Setting up Clojure in Vim

I spent some time setting up my Clojure environment in VIM using tmux tonight. I finally got to a good spot where I can run some simple functions in Leiningen and fireplace.vim so I thought I would share some easy steps to get started.     Install Vim, Clojure and Leiningen If you don’t have Vim, download it and make … Read More

tmux config change not refreshing

I wanted to set up fireplace.vim and Clojure in my vim enviroment last night. So I started to look into tmux which looks like a great solution for running vim in one pane and the REPL in another. As I worked through my tmux configuration and setup I noticed that none of the changes I made to the tmux.conf file … Read More

Swift Programming Language Introduced

I’ve got to admit that I’m far from an Apple Fanboy. I’ve got a PC, Android Phone and I’m currently working with C# at my job. But, the Swift Programming Language that Apple introduced today looks much better than Objective-C and I’m actually looking forward to trying it. My dip into phone development has just been using Eclipse/Java to build … Read More

About Me

Welcome to my blog. I’m a Web/Software Developer based out of Indianapolis, IN. I’m a polyglot programmer with 10 years of experience. I’ve worked with C#, Node and Python professionally and strive to become a better Ruby and Clojure programmer on the side. My interests range from mobile to game development. And of course, website development, trying to use the … Read More